‘ To develop insight
requires seclusion
and time for reflection.’

Our Approach

Our approach to executive coaching is informed by Asian traditions and wisdom. We start with ‘beginner’s mind’ and engage with each client as a unique relationship.

We don’t have the answers. We work with our clients in a collaborative, intuitive and insight-based process. We bring significance to the relationship to challenge you in the process of observing yourself.


We don’t use ‘meter-based’ pricing in our coaching. We seek to create genuine, long term relationships with our clients, who very often return to us several years after their initial transformational experience.

We’ve created a community with and for our clients. Our ‘Friends of Suanthip’ program offers an opportunity to interact, if desirable, with other clients to share insights and continue your personal explorations.


This requires the coach / client relationship to be genuine and caring, and the work to be applicable. We work jointly to define and measure success as you set and refine your aspirations based on your professional and personal needs. We help you to define your practice with accountability.


To develop insight requires seclusion and time for reflection. Our retreat centres in Chiangmai, Thailand and on Salt Spring Island, Canada provide a conducive environment with a nurturing ambience and healthy meals. We think of them as safe havens where our clients can identify and explore critical issues in their lives, careers and families.