‘Let the beauty of what you
love be what you do.’


Our unique coaching approach was developed by Dr Brian Bauerle and his coaching community.

The coaching style is not formulaic, it’s intuitive drawing from the rich philosophal traditions  of the east and the more scientific, therapeutic practices of the west.


Each of our coaching retreats is unique and customised to your particular context. As you develop a deeper understanding of yourself you will begin to feel connected to your own intuitive wisdom and see ways in which you can make a lasting impact on the world.


We offer and encourage coaching for couples. Spouses engage in their own coaching experience. As each partner realises their own insights it creates a significant conversation for the couple. Also there are sessions focused specifically on the relationship, creating an environment for mutual support.


We understand that business and family relationships can overlap in Asian family-run businesses. We are unique in offering a comprehensive approach which addresses both business relationships and your family issues. We’re able to host retreats with families, including adolescents in their early teens. Our coaches are highly skilled in working with family dynamics, business challenges, family behaviour pattens and legacy issues.